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John Chatterton Horsemanship

John Chatterton - Horse Trainer

Training horses without intimidation

The JOHN CHATTERTON method of HORSE TRAINING teaches horse owners how to create a safe and effective bond with their horses, for any purpose or discipline.

Affiliative Horsemanship

with John Chatterton

John Chatterton has spent more than 40 years working with young and problem horses and their owners.

Based in Queensland just south of Brisbane, John also travels to other states in Australia offering Clinics and Private Lessons to assist horse owners with developing safe and rewarding relationships with their horses.

John believes that horses inherently seek comfort and he bases his training on what he calls 'affiliative leadership' rather than the usual dominant leadership principles of most other horsemanship methods.

He teaches that if the handler or rider becomes the comfort zone for the horse, a respectful bonded relationship is the result.

John Chatterton

Learn Basic Horsemanship Skills in Ten Easy Steps

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