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Easy Loader Halter

This halter works by the use of pressure and release. John uses this system to teach horses when float loading.

A horse which has learned to come forward from the use of pressure and release training will load on a float without stress or fear.

The John Chatterton Easy Loader Halter will make the job of teaching your horse to load on a float much easier, so long as the principles of pressure and release are used correctly. You can learn this method of training by watching Step 6 on the training Steps 6 & 7 DVD.


Take two measurement’s.

  1. Measure around nose, just under the cheek bones.
  2. Measure over the poll from cheek to cheek.

Example: Cob halter measures 28in around nose, and 38in over poll.
Pony halter measures 26in around nose, and 36in over poll.

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