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Step Six


Teaching your horse to yield to pressure - up, forward and down - is a preparation for learning to tie up. Also teaches to soften & lower their head when stepping on their reins or getting their lead caught around the mud guard of the float etc.

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Step Six - Yielding to Pressure

Step Six is about teaching your horse to yield to pressure up, forward and down off the lead rope, in preparation for tying.

Incorrect tying up training is the basis of so many problems with horses. I see horses on a daily basis as I work that have problems associated with poor tying up training. If they are taught correctly to yield to pressure and do not develop a fear of restraint, they are much safer to be around and will have less fear based issues.

Such fears will create a horse which may be difficult to lead, being anxious, pushy and disrespectful. Such horses may be difficult to load on the float or will want to rush out backwards. Their fear comes from a fear of restraint. They have developed a resisting mind-set.

I don't know about you, but I would far rather have a horse whose mind-set is yielding and willing.

John Chatterton teaches all horses to:

  • Lower their head when I pull up on the lead
  • Come forward
  • Yield downwards when I pull down on the lead
  • Yield to pressure over the poll
  • Lower their head on a verbal signal

When a horse has learned all these things he is less likely to panic if he gets his head under his lead rope when tied up, if he gets a foot caught in a fence or over a lead rope when tied.

A horse which yields instead of panicking is a much safer horse for humans to be around.

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