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Step Two

Step Two - Standing Still

One of the greatest problems horse owners face is learning how to teach their horses to stand still.

Horses which are constantly moving about are usually anxious about their situation, in control of the owner and confused about their role in the horse-human relationship.

When an owner is able to take charge of the relationship in a fair manner, using John's clear signals, the horse is able to relax, improving the relationship between them through respect.

Using John's pull and release method, horse owners are able to learn how to make standing still the horse's decision. If the horse learns that standing still and relaxing is much more comfortable than moving about in an agitated manner, they will choose standing still themselves. As trust develops the horse will look to follow the owners lead in other circumstances as well.

The Standing Still Step leads on to Step Three which is teaching the horse how to stand still under pressure. For example, standing politely while his feet are being handled. Many horses will lean on the handler or farrier, snatch their feet away or kick when their feet or legs are being handled.

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